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Lactation Support
  • The hospital you gave birth at

    • FREE​

  • La Leche League

    • Group Setting​

    • FREE

    • Bilingual

    • 303.779.6722

  • Roxana Burciaga

    • Certified Lactation Counselor​

    • FREE

    • Virtual help

    • Bilingual

    • 720.209.0556

  • Michelle Grassia

    • IBCLC​

    • In home help

    • Denver Metro Area, Weld and Boulder Counties

    • 303.656.0880

  • Lindsay Bohan

    • ​Postpartum RN and Lactation Counselor

    • In home help

    • $40/hr

    • Westminster, Boulder, Thornton, Longmont and Brighton


  • Nourished Mothers

    • IBCLC

    • Nutrition for breastfeeding moms

    • All areas served

    • In home and virtual help

    • $25-$150 and works with some insurance companies​​

Facebook Support
Lactation Support Apps and Websites
  • Breastfeeding solutions

    • ​Support around common breastfeeding issues and questions

    • $4.99 one time fee

  • Baby Tracker

    • ​Feeding tracker, Diaper tracker, Sleep schedule, growth and milestones

    • FREE

  • LatchMe

    • ​Helps you find breastfeeding locations, lactation consultations and a forum to interact with other breastfeeding moms

    • FREE

  • Breastfeeding Central

    • ​The Breastfeeding Central app is like having a breastfeeding expert in the palm of your hand. Written by a board certified lactation consultant, it guides you through every phase of nursing your baby

    • $3.99 one time fee

  • Medications & Mothers' Milk

    • ​Features over 1300 drugs, disease, vaccines and syndromes so you can quickly identify hazardous drugs when breastfeeding

    • FREE


    • Great for looking up medications around breastfeeding


    • Great website for everything mom, baby and breastfeeding​

  • Milkology

    • This websites puts all of the breastfeeding, bottle feeding and pumping info you got at the hospital in one place with short instructional videos.

Other Nursing

Infant Chiropractor

Chiropractic work can help with digestion issues, latching issues, tightness in the neck and jaw, ease colic, ear infection relief and spinal realignment from birth



Cranialsacral Therapy

This type of therapy can help babies 

relax from the stress of labor which can result in trouble latching, latching incorrectly, colic, trouble sleeping and much more. 

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