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Food & Utility


Life can change quickly and you might find yourself and your family in a situation where you need a little extra help getting food on the table and paying the utility bills. Below are some great places to help you during a time like this.

  • Metro Caring

    • Located in Denver

    • Helps with food both fresh and pantry

    • Offers nutrition and cooking classes

  • Growing Home

    • Located in Westminster

    • Specializes in helping families with young kids

    • Fresh food and pantry staples

    • Also offers school prep for kids and parents

  • Community Table

    • Located in Arvada

    • Some fresh foods, but mostly pantry foods

Food Assistance Resources

  • Thornton Community Food Bank

    • No website

    • 8990 York St, Denver, CO 80229

  • WIC

    • Multiple locations on their website

    • Support with formula and donor breastmilk

    • Provides food 

  • Gabriel House Project

    • Multiple locations on their website

    • Food, housing, employment, parenting programs, baby clothes, formula

  • Your Local Church

Utility Assistance Resources

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