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Having a baby is no easy task and the mental struggles can feel foreign. Mental and emotional struggles are a natural part of bringing a new baby home between the physical healing, emotional healing from the labor and then trying to function with the lack of sleep and whatever curve ball your little one throws at you. There are many ways to help you get through the mental struggles whether you have physically had the baby or not. 

Postpartum Depression/Anxiety 
Support Groups

Postpartum depression and anxiety is under reported due to the mental health stigma in our society. However, 1 in 7 women experience postpartum depression and anxiety after the baby is born. You don't have to suffer alone. These groups can be apart of your support system to help you during this tough time.
Birth Story Processing
It is common for a lot of women to go into birth with hopes of how their birth will go, but sometimes women may come out of their labor feeling traumatized and don't know how to process their feelings. This is a normal reaction after a hard labor and working through those feelings will not only help you, but help your relationships around you.  

  • Tribeca

    • Therapists who specialize in birth trauma

    • Appointments are over zoom

    • Accepts some insurance

  • Life Fulfillment Counseling

    • Take some insurance

    • Located in Thornton

    • Specializes in trauma processing

    • She helped me work through my own birth trauma

  • Holistic Birth and Beyond

    • Specializes in women at all stages of pregnancy and birth

    • Free consultation

    • Appointments are over zoom

Meditation can be a great way to give yourself a mental and emotional break. Meditation can be as long or as short as you need it to be. Meditation can look different for everyone, but a good place to start is with a guided meditation just to give your mind a break from daily life and calm down your nervous system.  
  • Calm Phone App

    • $69.99/year or $14.99/month

    • Wide variety of different meditations and stories

  • Insight Timer

    • FREE

    • Meditations that can be broken down by time, topic and the option to create your own with sounds

  • Boho Beautiful

    • Free YouTube channel

    • A lot of different meditations

    • Offers yoga videos

  • Gaia

    • $10/month​

    • Easily filter and find how much time you have and the type of meditation you want

    • Offers a lot more than just meditation

  • YouTube

    • Free and can find any kind of meditation

Welcoming a new baby is a mental shift for everyone in the family. Relationships may be tested, emotional connections may be lost and sometimes it has to figure your new normal with yourself and your family. Below are resources for individual, couples and family counseling.
  • Life Fulfillment Counseling

    • Individual, couples and parenting counseling

    • Take some insurance

    • Located in Thornton

    • Specializes in trauma processing

  • Three Peaks Counseling

    • Individual, transitions, couples counseling

    • Located in Thornton, Northglenn and Firestone

    • Takes some insurance

  • Mindfully Me

    • Children's therapy

    • Located in Lafayette

    • Works with you on price

  • Animal Assisted Therapy

    • Children's therapy

    • Located in Arvada​

    • Takes some insurance

    • Have options for lower cost therapy

This may seem like a weird option, to work with someone to make sure you are staying on track with taking care of you, but being a mom sometimes weeks, months and even years can go by till you realize you have not taken care of yourself in a way that is all about you and no one else. These resources below help you stay on track even it is just five minutes a day. It is important for you and your family to take care of yourself.
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