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Eating well is one of the top things people let fall to the side, especially as a parent. Between managing your kids, working, and trying to keep up on the household it is no surprise that eating healthy can become an after thought. You are not alone, but that is where I come in.


With my own personal experience as a busy mom and my degree in nutrition I understand what healthy eating means. I also understand that eating healthy can't always mean spending an hour in the kitchen and always eating fresh food.


I am about realistic healthy eating and finding that balance between eating nutritious foods, but also needing quick foods on hand to just stick in the oven on a busy night or when you are just feeling lazy. 

Eating healthy does not have to be another stress for you, it is possible to make it a daily habit that is easy!

What My Nutritional Guidance Will Provide
For You And Your Family

  • Help you clean out and sort through your pantry and fridge to get rid of the foods that are becoming a problem for your family

  • Handouts around grocery shopping to help you navigate what foods are healthiest by learning how to read nutrition labels and not let the fancy marketing fool you

  • Tips for shopping on a budget - healthy food does not mean more expensive!

  • Lifetime access to my recipe database for the whole family so that your kids are eating more fruits and vegetables and not just mac and cheese

  • Is your baby not here yet and you want to feel healthier and prepared for your families eating habits? I can help you with that

  • Easy meal prepping hacks that will keep you out of the kitchen for hours everyday

  • Ideas around quick snacks for the whole family

  • Customized recipes to meet any dietary need

  • Weekly check-ins to help you stay on track 


  • Pantry and fridge clean out

  • Grocery shopping guidance

  • Handouts with tips to help you stay on track

  • Lifetime access to recipe database

Nutrition packages (1).png
  • Pantry and fridge clean out

  • Grocery shopping guidance

  • Nutrition coaching for special dietary needs

  • 5 weekly check-ins

  • Handouts with tips to help you stay on track

  • Lifetime access to recipe database

  • Pantry and fridge clean out

  • Grocery shopping guidance

  • 5 weekly check-ins

  • Assistance with meal prepping

    • Broken into four 3 hour visits​

  • Handouts with tips to help you stay on track

  • Lifetime access to recipe database

  • Pantry and fridge clean out

  • Grocery shopping guidance

  • 2 coaching session that include:

    • What to eat while pregnant​

    • What to eat while healing postpartum

    • What to eat while breastfeeding

  • Freezer meal ideas for postpartum

  • Handouts with tips to help you stay on track

  • Lifetime access to recipe database

  • ​Access to my recipe database to help you choose healthy recipes

  • Feel free to add this service onto any other package

  • If needed I can pick up the groceries, but you will be billed for that extra time

Not sure what package is right for you?

Click HERE to set up a FREE consult

and I can help you figure that out. 

Consistently eating overly

processed and unhealthy

foods can not only cause

physical issues, but mental

and emotional issues

in both children and adults. 



Weight gain


Joint issues

Stomach problems




Skin issues

Learning problems

And much more

I've Been There..........

After my second child Grayson I was physically and mentally a wreck, this picture is actually during one of my worst times. (Just a reminder to not let social media pictures fool you).

My pregnancy was difficult, my body felt like a disaster after having him and he wasn't sleeping and was extremely difficult, so I was mentally, physically and emotionally drained. I dropped all that I knew I was suppose to be doing as far as health. I stopped working out, barely ate because I was just so exhausted and when I did eat all I ate was what I could grab which mostly consisted of processed white carbs like bagels, breakfast burritos and food full of sugar. 

I was physically weak, had awful stomach problems, depressed, irritable and I felt the unhealthiest I have ever felt. I had to hit rock bottom with my health mentally and physically before I kicked myself in the butt and made myself get my crap together, not just for myself, but for my kids and husband as well. 

You don't have to hit rock bottom to change your health, and even if you have hit rock bottom I will be there to help you dust yourself off and get back to the best version of yourself through food. 

When you aren't taking care of yourself your kids notice and soon your eating habits become their eating habits. I know it can be exhausting being a parent and to be postpartum, but I can help you get your kitchen full of healthy foods, provide easy meal and snack ideas, coach you along the way to help you stay on track, but to also not let you beat yourself up when you have a bad week, and get the whole family feeling better both mentally and physically. 

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