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It's no secret that babies have a hard time sleeping and it can be extremely frustrating. A lot of things can affect sleep; digestion issues, colic, hunger, noise, milestones, etc. If you have addressed all of these and your baby is still having trouble with sleep look into some of these resources

  • Taking Cara Babies

    • Tons of help around sleeping issues

    • Classes on getting your baby to sleep

    • Certified pediatric sleep consultant

    • The Instagram account offers a lot of free tips

  • The Ferber Method

    • This is called the cry it out method

    • Affordable-Buy the book on Amazon

    • Offers help in other areas such as bed wetting and night terrors

  • Baby Wise Book

    • This books offers help with sleep and also how to get your baby on a schedule​

Transitioning to Purees

Around 4-6 months is when you will get the okay to start your baby on solids and this can feel overwhelming. There are a few ways to do this depending on your babies preference.  Below you will find tips on starting purees and also resources for baby led weaning eating tips. 

Confused about what the difference is between your baby eating purees vs baby led weaning? Click HERE

Parent Groups

Parenting can be lonely and sometimes all you need is a second opinion, some encouragement and some support from fellow parents. Some of these are in person and some are online.

Baby Classes

Let's be honest it can get kind of boring sitting at home 

with your baby all day everyday, and you can only go on so many walks. Why not sign your baby up for a class that the two of you can enjoy together!

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