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It is wise to give your body the first 6 weeks to let it do its thing and heal on its own the best it can. However, after 6 weeks it is smart to explore some of these other healing options to make sure everything is working and healing as it should. You don't have to live in pain and discomfort.

Pelvic Floor


Helps with diastasis recti, pelvic floor issues, painful sex, prolapse, incontinence, hemorrhoids, digestion, and much more

Acupuncture & Cupping

Promote relaxation and stress reduction, restore the blood,  create balance in the bodies energy to reduce postpartum depression, increase blood circulation, release tension and aches


Realign hips, back, neck and pelvic floor, treat sciatica, help with SPD, tension release in the ligaments and decrease the. chance of postpartum depression

  • N2 Physical Therapy

    • ​2 Denver locations

    • 1 Louisville location

    • Takes insurance

    • I personally work with them and love them


    • Located in Westminster​ and Northglenn

    • Takes insurance

  • Belly Bliss

    • Located in Denver

    • Offers financial assistance

  • Belly Bliss

    • Located in Denver

    • Offers financial assistance

  • Belly Bliss

    • Located in Denver

    • Offers financial assistance

Massage & Abdominal Massage

Reduce swelling, improve circulation, stress management, improve milk production, improve sleep, massage the organs back into place improving digestion, get the uterus back into place, c-section scar massage, prolapse

  • Pailou Therapy

    • Located in Denver

    • Specializes in women at all stages

    • Mention that you are a client of mine and receive 10% off

    • Pricing

  • Belly Bliss

    • Located in Denver

    • Offers financial assistance

Postpartum Fitness

After 6 weeks postpartum some women will be cleared to workout. It is smart to work with someone (possibly in conjunction with some of these other healing modalities) to ease back into a fitness routine to help with core stabilization, pelvic floor stabiliazation, etc.

  • Tangia Renee

    • Specializes in postpartum fitness

    • Free consultation

    • One on one support


    • Helps mom at all stages

    • Group setting

    • First class free

    • Option to bring your kids to workouts

  • Bloom Method

    • On demand programs

    • Very focused on healing mom and strengthening prenatal and postnatal

    • Many options for whatever stage you are in

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