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37 weeks with Baby #2!

I am finally in the home stretch, 37 weeks! I only have two weeks till my scheduled c-section at 39 weeks and to say I am ready is an understatement. If this baby decided to come early, I would be a little freaked out because I don’t want an emergency c-section again, but on the other hand I am SO uncomfortable that it would be a relief to have him out.

Baby boy on the left at 37 weeks, Ava on the right at 39 weeks

When I went for my 36-week checkup they measured me at 40 weeks! The measuring has been ahead since about week 20, but not this ahead. They decided to do an ultrasound just to make sure it wasn’t due to excess fluid and what they found was a just a 7lb baby already! It may sound crazy but ever since I started showing at 10 weeks, I knew this baby was big. He has already surpassed Ava’s birth weight and I still have 2 weeks to go. God only knows how big he would be if I wasn’t having a c-section and just waited for him to come naturally.

His weight and carrying so low has definitely been harder on my body this time around, also like I have said I didn’t have a toddler last time I was pregnant so that also takes a toll on my body. I definitely look bigger than last time and there are days he gets into the most uncomfortable position that pushes right on my belly button making it hurt. I have also gotten a few stretch marks around my belly button as well. I believe due to his positioning.

A couple days after they told me how big he was I did have a little bit of a labor scare and thought I was having back contractions. It kind of felt like the beginning stages of labor that I had with Ava, luckily after a couple hours they went away. I think that it is just his movements pushing down on things and with my last labor they realized my tailbone slopes up and that can cause more back pain and back contractions when the baby moves. Either way, I have my hospital bag and the baby’s hospital bag packed.

It feels crazy to think that I am going to have another baby already, last year at this time Ava wasn’t even 1 yet and here I am about to start all over again. We have moved Ava into her new room down stairs and she absolutely loves it! We got it painted and put in brand new carpet, she really does have the best room in the house now.

I have gotten her a baby doll that she can take care of while I am taking care of the new baby. I got her all the accessories such as a bottle, diapers and it comes with a blanket so she can feel like she is helping in her own way. Luckily, she’s already had a little baby doll for a while that she absolutely loves, she carries it around, rocks it and snuggles it so I feel like that is a good sign.

As far as my working out I would say that has taken a hit because I really have ALL the crappy pregnancy symptoms now which makes it hard for me to work out like I did last pregnancy at this time. Also, it is apparently already winter in Colorado because we have been getting hit hard with the snow storms and the freezing cold so there is not much walking outside going on. When I do go to the gym, I am still able to do HIIT on either the elliptical or stair stepper, but weight lifting has taken a little bit of a back seat which is fine because it means I am listening to my body. After my six-week checkup I know I will get back into the swing of things, they may just look different for example more working out at home during the week. As long as my body is moving in some way that is all I need.

Our Christmas will look a little different this year, my husband will be helping me make just a little Christmas dinner for the four of us, but I actually don’t mind. It will be nice to have time for Ava to adjust to her new baby brother in a quiet setting. Ava will be staying with the grandparents for a week after my c-section, but I am hoping the recovery is a lot smoother than last time so hopefully she can come back earlier. The mom guilt is already making me feel guilty about her being gone for so long, but I need my husband to be all hands-on deck for my recovery and tending to a new born again when I can’t just get up as easily as I’d like for feedings and diaper changes. Also, we need our time to catch up on some sleep that first week and get used to being sleep deprived again without having to take care of a second little human who only takes one nap a day.

Next post will be post baby! Wish me luck.

Changes I am experiencing:

Aversions: Nothing, certain smells get me sometimes though

Cravings: None, really just tired of constantly eating at this point

Mood: Irritable

Weight gain: 35lbs

Sleep: Not getting a full night sleep anymore due to pain and being uncomfortable

Other: Body just tired from carrying a 7lb human

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