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39 Week Pregnancy Update: Any day now!

Any day now! I am 39 weeks pregnant and cannot believe it is almost over. I am having a lot of mixed emotions and now understand why women get a little sad right after pregnancy. I never understood it before because how can anyone be sad now that they have their baby? But now I get it.

I will miss having my baby with me all the time and kicking me, it really is a comfort that nothing else can replace and I have genuinely enjoyed being pregnant. The things that have changed the most for me the past few weeks is I have bad insomnia, I cannot turn my brain off. Luckily over the past few weeks my hip pain has gone away, but now when I get up to pee everything from my lower back down hurts and I feel like I have a rock in my pelvis. It almost seems unfair that you get the worst sleep at the end of pregnancy when you are about to be exhausted from having a baby.

During the day I still am feeling pretty good though. Don’t get me wrong I have my days where I am thinking, “Okay I feel really pregnant today” and on those days I don’t do much. However, the majority of the time I am still making it to the gym and am still really having a good pregnancy. Right now I am focusing on squatting and walking trying to get this baby out in the next week or so. The baby’s head is down and ready to go though so I am lucky that she got into the right position.

I really owe my easy pregnancy to the fact that I was a healthy and active person before I got pregnant and that continued throughout pregnancy as well. It also might be due to the fact that my body has an easy time being pregnant with a girl, but who knows.

Other things that have been happening are I have finished up the nursery, got the car seat installed and sanitized all that needs to be sanitized. We did our birthing class, which I found to be very interesting, and it really didn’t drag at all like I thought it would. I now feel like my husband will know how to massage and help, if I let him. Who knows what I will want and not want during labor, I may not want to be touched at all.

Hospital bags are packed and I am now just prepping my freezer food for afterwards. Some of the dishes I am making are vegetarian chili, turkey meatloaf, vegetarian lasagna, breakfast sandwiches and banana peanut butter oat bars. My mom and sister are also making me food, which I really appreciate. I really don’t want to be living off of take out, or whatever my husband tries to cook.

An unfortunate thing also happened a couple weeks ago while I was trying to be too efficient and sanitize everything at once. I had a big pot of water boiling with the bottles in it and I went to go push the bottles down with a spoon and water spilled out of the pot and landed right on my stomach. This burn sucks. It blistered, peeled and is now scabbing thank god. I didn’t want to go into labor and have a monitor strapped around a blister. The doctor said she sees this happen all the time and it even happened to her while pregnant. This belly really catches a lot of stuff and gets in the way of everything  : (.

It has been nice documenting everything so I can look back at all of this and reminisce especially if my second pregnancy is drastically different. We are excited to meet Ava Rae (Or Bella Rose) we are waiting to see what she looks like, but I am leaning towards Ava. Hopefully my next post will be about my postpartum journey and all about how I am getting use to being a mom and dealing with sleep deprivation! AAAHHHHHH!!!!

Changes I am experiencing:

Aversions: Coffee aversion has started to come back

Cravings: None

Mood: Feeling all the emotions now

Weight gain: 27.5lbs total so far

Sleep: Insomnia a few times a week and the pains that come when I get up to pee.

Things I eat a lot of right now: Oatmeal, oatmeal and more oatmeal!

Other: Anxious about all that is going to change in my life and tired from not sleeping well.

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