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Are You Choosing The Right Weights For Your Workouts?

When I start helping people with a weight lifting routine there are always certain concepts I go over to make sure they are getting the best workout possible. These concepts include; form, weight being used, reps, sets and rest times. Recently I found an article in Women’s Health Magazine that goes over some of the basic concepts I cover which I think a lot of people should be aware of whether you have someone training you or not.

Anyone can go in the gym and pick up weights, but if you are not choosing the right amount of weight or doing a good amount of reps with that weight then you will not see any progress.

This chart below does really well in showing and explaining the amount of weight, how many reps you should be doing and how many sets based on if you are a beginner or more experienced. This chart does not cover form, so if you are trying out these recommended exercises I suggest looking them up so you are performing them properly. Not having proper form can result in injury and again little progress.

Check out this chart and the link to read more:

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