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Second Pregnancy- 1st Trimester

Well here I am again, pregnant. This time I am having a boy and this fact alone drastically made this pregnancy different for me personally. When I was pregnant with Ava it was the perfect pregnancy. I had one week of nausea, no fatigue and didn’t really feel pregnant till I got into the 30 weeks. This pregnancy my nausea started at 5 weeks and lasted pretty consistently till about 10 weeks. At this point it was on and off for another couple weeks. I was extremely tired in the first trimester, but I blame part of that on now having a toddler to take care of. I pretty much survived off ramen, saltines and ate whatever sounded good, which was not a lot of things.

I ended up gaining double the amount of weight in the first trimester compared to my last pregnancy, but honestly I didn’t care because I was just trying to survive getting through the day with whatever food I wanted and laid around as much as I needed. Once I hit the second trimester though it all started to even out because my healthy appetite came back and I got back into my exercise routine.

Once my second trimester rolled around the nausea slowly started to fade and the fatigue doesn’t start till about 7pm, so most nights I am asleep by 8:30. I have also noticed that when I don’t get a full night sleep multiple nights in a row this triggers the nausea to come back, so I really try to make sure that I get in my sleep. I have gotten my healthy appetite for the most part; I still have a pretty strong aversion to meat on most days. This was very similar to my last pregnancy.

13 weeks second pregnancy 13 weeks first pregnancy

I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and there are definitely some differences when it comes to my body this time around. I am definitely bigger than last time at this point and my abdominal muscles seem to always be sore. When I am lying down I really have to engage my core when I sneeze or cough or it just feels uncomfortable. My hips seem to get sorer faster as well as my legs and I have realized being pregnant in the hot summer just sucks. It has currently been a consistent 99 degrees in Colorado and it is not fun!

I am still making it to the gym this pregnancy, just not as much because of now having a child, but I still get there between 4 and 5 days a week. When I am trying to save time I do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts at home, but my workouts still mostly consist of weight lifting because that is what I enjoy most.

For this delivery I will actually be having a scheduled c-section on December 16th at 39 weeks. This is due to the fact that I got pregnant before 18 months postpartum, so there is a very small chance that if I went into active labor my uterus could rupture because of my previous c-section. I am all for a planned c-section though because of my labor experience with Ava. I am not trying to push for 4 hours again just for them to then realize that my pelvic bone is too small for a baby to come out of. That recovery was not fun! Also, not having the baby around his original due date of December 23rd means there is no chance he will be born on Christmas which I think everyone will appreciate.

This pregnancy has already been hard to say the least both mentally and physically especially since it was not planned. My doctor put my IUD in wrong and so that is how I got pregnant unexpectedly and obviously mine and my husbands role in it. I had an IUD before Ava and did not get pregnant till I got it taken out to start trying. I have realized that being pregnant when I want to be and when I don’t want to be really makes a difference in my attitude and mental state. We were not planning on getting pregnant for another year, so this just happened a little bit earlier than expected. I am already looking forward to being done with being pregnant so I can have my body back for good at the end of this year. I did always want a boy and a girl though, so this worked out well, and I think Ava will really enjoy having a little brother around. : )

Changes I am experiencing:

Aversions: Meat and coffee ( just like my last pregnancy)

Cravings: Savory/salty

Mood: Irritable

Weight gain: 18 pounds so far

Sleep: I get about 8-9 hours which doesn’t feel like enough

Other: My face is a wreck! (NOT like my last pregnancy)

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