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Spring Recipes To Get In More Fruits & Veggies

As springtime arrives more fruits and vegetables are available. Winter is full of heavy soups and stews, but now it is time to lighten it up. Try to incorporate a fruit and/or vegetable into every meal and snack. A lot of people get in their fruit intake, but everyone could stand to eat more vegetables.

Adults should be eating 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies a day. What does a serving look like? Here are 9 different examples of what a day of getting your recommended fruits and vegetables looks like.

It is not as difficult as you may think, a salad can be considered 2-4 servings of vegetables depending on the size and an apple is considered 1 serving of fruit. Be aware that drinking juice is not considered fruit, especially for children. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Here are some recipes to help you get in more fruits and veggies this spring:

Asparagus cheese potato frittata

Asparagus egg and bacon salad

Berry avocado quinoa salad

Broccoli cauliflower carrot salad with greek yogurt dressing

Roasted spring vegetable pasta

A spring vegetable soup for those colder spring days

Peach salad with grilled chicken

Spring couscous

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