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The 2nd Trimester is Coming to an End

The second trimester is coming to an end in a week and I can already feel that I am starting to get into the uncomfortable part of pregnancy. The days of heartburn, hip pain and not being able to eat as much at one sitting has started. Don’t get me wrong though I am still having many moments of enjoyment and excitement and I am still enjoying pregnancy and feeling lucky that so far it has been really easy.

The days that I am feeling the hip pain I avoid working out my lower body. These are examples of when I listen to my body. Not listening to my body on these days can result in injury due to the lack of stability and the ligaments stretching. The last thing I want to do is injure myself because I didn’t want to take a rest day.

One thing I have noticed since being pregnant is that men are NOT use to seeing pregnant women in the weight room. I put up a post on Facebook the other day explaining how I get different reactions from men when it comes to me being pregnant and still lifting and squatting. Some older men stare at me like they don’t understand what is happening, but then other men come up to me and tell me how awesome it is that I am still lifting. They genuinely want to know if my balance is different because of my belly or if the weight lifting is harder. I think it’s great that a lot of men just want to know more and they are not judging or telling me I shouldn’t be lifting.

For the uncomfortable things that have started, like the heartburn, I take papaya enzyme chewables, which seem to really help. They are all-natural and actually taste good. For the hip pain, other then modifying my workouts I got a snoogle for my birthday and not only is it helping with the hip pain, but it is also nice for propping myself up so I can kind of lay on my back. Lying on my back at night is something I really miss. The only other thing that I am not finding a remedy for is my belly button, it hurts! The pressure from my stomach growing is really putting a strain on it on the right side and it almost looks a little bruised. Changes during pregnancy are so weird, but a woman’s body is so amazing at the same time.

I had my baby shower over the weekend and it was so nice to see everyone in my life come together to celebrate our little girl. We got so many things that I felt overwhelmed, but luckily with my sisters help we were able to get everything organized and now the nursery is really coming together.

This baby is getting more and more active, I now feel kicks almost every hour and am starting to learn her sleeping routines. The worst is when I have a full bladder and she is kicking it, that doesn’t feel so great. I have even felt some weird movements like there is a snake in my belly and it tickles from the inside. It is the craziest and coolest thing to feel her movements. Soon she will be moving around out here in the real world. : )

Other changes I am experiencing:

Aversions: As far as I know it is still Mexican food (I am too scared to try again). My cheese aversion has gone away though, yay!

Cravings: None

Mood: Getting more emotional, there are days I feel like I could cry at any moment.

Weight gain: 16lbs total so far. Gaining ½ pound to a pound a week

Sleep: I am waking up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep, but not uncomfortable yet.

Things I eat a lot of right now: Quesadillas with high fiber tortillas and seasonal breads I make at home. These are nice to have when I am starving and need something quick in the morning.

Other: Hunger is getting worse, sinus problems and headaches and I get fuller faster.

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