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Why Too Many Options are a Bad Thing

There have been multiple times that I decided to go shopping for clothes at a mall, but as soon as I walk into a huge store I immediately feel overwhelmed by all of the decisions and end up leaving empty-handed and annoyed. Everyone has experienced this at some point whether it is clothes at a huge store, too much information given about something you are trying to decide on, or healthy food at a grocery store. When there are too many options it is natural for a person to give up because they are overwhelmed and it is easier to walk away with their hands in the air.

This is one reason a lot of people give up on healthy eating and exercise. Yes, the majority of people have all heard eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly, but then over time all of this other information starts to bombard them whether it is “eat this fruit not that fruit to lose 10 pounds in a week,” or, “this workout does nothing do this one.” One week you are told one thing and then the next week it seems like the opposite is true. Too many options can lead to giving up.

I have heard many times that people will walk into a grocery store and don’t even know where to begin. They may have the best intentions of going in to start their healthy diet, but soon end up buying their usual unhealthy foods because there are too many things to choose from. With so many “health experts” everywhere these days I can see how it would be easy to get confused when in reality the majority of these “health experts” are just average Joes who read a couple articles online and believe they have found the secret to losing weight. I’ll tell you right now, there is no secret that needs to be uncovered for a person to lose weight and be healthier (if they do not have an underlying medical issue).

Taking in too much information and trying to make sense of it can make people struggle with weight loss because they don’t have a clear direction. Being healthy does not have to be as complicated as people make it seem. If you enjoy eating a certain food group and tolerate it then you should not feel like you need to cut it out of your diet to lose weight. I don’t care if the latest health trend is cutting dairy or gluten out of your diet to lose weight, if you enjoy dairy and gluten and are able to tolerate them then eat them!

Listening to the latest hype and trends about weight loss can only make your weight loss journey more difficult. It is like me trying to do complicated math. When I was studying for the GRE I tried to use Google to help me find the right methods to solve complicated math problems. That just made matters worse because of all the information that popped up. While some of it kind of made sense the majority of it was just making me more confused. I finally got a tutor, someone to guide me through the problem step by step, and that made a huge difference.

I can be your tutor during your weight loss journey. I have worked with several people who were pre-diabetic. After just a grocery store tour and nutrition tips on how to eat for their goals, they were able to get their blood sugar under control and lose weight. Healthy living is really not as complicated as people make it seem. But it can be helpful to get the help of a professional to sift through all of the “advice” that is out there and find the right path for you. Once you start eliminating useless information and taking steps to reach your goals, you will find that you can lose weight and be healthier long term.

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